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Pandawa Beach – Ticket Prices & Attractions

Pandawa Beach is one of Bali’s leading destinations located in Badung Regency. The beach is famous for its stunning cliffs, white sand and green water. This beach attraction was inaugurated as a tourist area since December 27, 2012. This beach used to be considered as a secret beach because it is behind the hills.

Pandawa Beach Entrance Ticket Price

The condition of the road to the location of this beach is so unique and majestic because it is flanked by limestone cliffs that have been cut. Wisatawan who wants to play in this beach tourism area will be charged a ticket fee. The entrance ticket price is relatively affordable. The ticket is valid for both children and adults, i.e. Idr 8000.


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Pandawa Beach Attractions

Pandawa Beach has been popular since 2011, after Kutuh Village became the second winner of the National Village Competition. This beach is visited by about five thousand local tourists and 500-600 foreign tourists per day. In the holiday season, the number of tourists along the three kilometers reaches 20,000 people.
The attraction of this beach is located on karst cliffs with Pandawa Cave and white sandy beaches. Entering the beach area, tourists will pass a row of Pandawa statues. For surfing, tourists can continue straight to the end of the road. Heading to the core tourist location, tourists can turn half a circle to the right. There is the location of the beach, canoeing, paragliding, seaweed farming, and spiritual tours to the temple.

The unique thing about Pandawa Beach is the access road that passes through the limestone hill. Limestone cliffs flank the left and right paved roads to the main location of the beach that is below the cliff. Shrubs give life to towering cliffs. After passing through the limestone cliffs, suddenly a wide view is revealed to reveal its hidden paradise. Tourists will be immediately treated to a stretch of ocean with clear green water. Combined with the white sand along the coastline, it makes its beauty very enchanting.

One of the attractions of Pandawa Beach is the pandawa statue. Inside the cliffs that are cut into caves, there are statues carved by sculpted sculpters from Bali. The statues will immediately welcome tourists after passing two large cliffs typical of Pandawa Beach. The name of the beach is taken from the story of Mahabarata puppetry from five brothers Putra Pandu. Giant statues of pandava and Ibu Kunti are carved in Bukit Kapur. Statues of the knights line the cliffs every five metres. From the top location, there is a statue of Dewi Kunti who is the mother of the five Pandava. After that in order, stood statues of Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and finally Sahadewa. Each statue faces the beach.

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The Enchantment of White Sandy Beach

The white sand of Pandawa Beach lies from the west end to the east. The water is clear and clean, and the waves are roaring in the distance. The green sea color is almost perfect combined with the smooth sand of the beach.
This beach is called kutuh beach or Melasti Beach. This beach is also called ‘Secret Beach’ because it is likened to a paradise hidden behind cliffs. Harmonization of various beauties combines on the beach that is not too crowded tourists.

Pandawa Beach has a charm throughout the day with natural and well-maintained environmental conditions. Tourists can come to enjoy the beauty of the beach both morning, afternoon or afternoon. Its very strategic location on the east side makes this beach very suitable to see the sunrise. Here is said to be the best place to see the sunrise in Bali. For tourists who want to enjoy the cool air, it is recommended to come in the afternoon. Especially when the sun starts to set, the atmosphere of the beach will offer a stunning sunset view.

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